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Bread & Circus Supper Club Turns 2 ~ A Night Under the Big Top + AfterParty

Palm Door

401 Sabine Street, Austin, TX 78701, USA

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Event Description

Bread & Circus invites you to attend a two-part night of splendor and enchantment. Either come early for the five-course dinner and entertainment during A NIGHT UNDER THE BIG TOP, or magically appear just for the SideDish SideShow AfterParty. Or join us for both!

The Palm Door will be transformed into a big top circus stage with live music, live painting, and death-defying performances. Dinner will be paired with sword swallowing and tasteful burlesque that will whet your appetite! Save room for dessert, because we’ll be serving up some mouth-watering belly dance, contortion and aerial performances on the pole, trapeze and lyra. Need help stretching your stomach? We’ve got just the Strong Man to do the job!

Still hungry... for brains? So is the zombie marching band! They’ll be kicking off limbs for the SideDish SideShow AfterParty. The magic will continue throughout the night with an orchestra of the undead. Aerial performers will be dropping from the ceiling and flying around poles. And if you still have room for more, stick around for the electro vaudeville DJ Dance Party!

Cocktails   { 7-8 PM }
 Dinner      { 8-9:45 PM }
After Party { 10:30-2AM }

Bread and Circus Supper Club 2nd Anniversary Dinner
Friday • September 27, 2013 

Cantaloupe Cooler
Hendrick's Gin, fresh cantaloupe, Campari

King Crab
grapefruit, crab, avocado mousse

Corn Velouté
seared scallop, chive Chantilly, popcorn

Crispy Pork Belly
pickled watermelon rind, mint, red onion

Lamb Two Ways
brown sugar-molasses ribs & grilled chops,
sweet potato greens, purple majesty potatoes

Caramel Pudding
berries, coconut-sesame cake, banana


Step into the circus ring with your magical Host & Magician, THE ASTOUNDING ALFREDO MARINARA (Steve Harwood: Host of “The Dress Rehearsal” Austin’s Most Unpredictable Variety Show) and his lovely assistant Lil’ Bit the Clown (Jessica Ryan).

Analy Nakat’s original artwork will come to life right before your eyes!

Barebones Orchestra are bringing the brass back from the dead and into the night!

Bethany Summersizzle bends and bridges in contortion, aerial acts, and lets it all go for the final shabang!

Human vs Computer is swinging electro vaudeville in all directions!

Dead Music Capital Band will be marching out of the grave and straight to the Palm Door to kick off the SideDish SideShow AfterParty!

Eric Odditorium “The World’s Most Daring Sword Swallower” will FREAK you out with his sideshow acts!

Erinina Marie Ness swings from the trapeze by her knees and she knows how to please any audience!

Fifi Switchblade takes a stab at the stage with burlesque and finesse, putting the tease to the test!

Laurice Barakat shakes and shimmies, while her belly dances and her hips take control—of the room!

Lux LaRoux will rock off your socks! She’s twisting flames and her body into contortions and flames!

Paprika will be wheeling and dealing on the unicycle. Look out! She might just use YOU as a stage prop!

Sarah Sparkles slips and slides around the slippery pole so fast, it’ll make your head spin—completely off!


Tickets for events are sold separately (Dinner Tickets include free entry to the After Party). 

Map of Event Location
September 27th, 2013  7:00 pmSeptember 28th, 2013  2:00 am