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June Bread & Circus Supper Club

Palm Door- 401 Sabine Street Austin, TX 78701

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Event Description

Inspired by the Gastropub

Thursday, June 28 * 6:30pm


Apéritif {cocktail hour}:

Duck Fat Fries 

with Balsamic Ketchup



 Pigs in a puff

Pork belly, peach jam, danish



Duck confit eggroll

Caramelized onion, grape, pistachio, fennel fondue



Grilled Peaches

JBG greens, goat cheese, duck cracklins, balsamic



Fig Gateau Basque

Cardamom Ice Cream



sans vin (four-course menu, no wine)   $45

avec du vin (four courses with wine)   $60 


Map of Event Location
June 28th, 2012  6:30 pmJune 29th, 2012  6:30 pm